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Differences Between Natural Marble And Marble Imitation Ceramic

- May 16, 2017 -

Differences Between Natural Marble And Marble Imitation Ceramic

Firstly In View of Fabrication

Natural stone has a wider range of products compared to ceramic. It can be processed into any shape of products , such as slabs , borders , columns , pillars or other carved products and so on .


From this point , only wood can be produced into as many as natural stone . Though wood and stone both have been playing an important role in the human construction history, it needs to spray paint to keep wooden products from becoming damp and rotten, which is not necessary for stone products.


Secondly, view of decoration, there are following significant differences between ceramic tiles and marble tiles:

1.    Way Of Dealing With Installation Joints

Make floor like mirror , how could that possible .


Ceramic is made of color glaze and clay with less glossy and less natural color veins compared to marble. In this case , the current best way of dealing with the ceramic joints is using crack beauty products, which made of different kind of chemical ingredients. As time goes by, these chemical ingredients would be wore off or even broken. In addition, if the size of the ceramic tile is not suitable, or the installing workers lack of experience, it is easily to make the floor or wall uneven .


However, for natural marble, the color and veins go thoroughly itself. No matter how long it been used , it can keep the same color glossy and veins. So it is widely applied to take mirror processing after installation. The process can make the surface of the marble as shinning as a mirror, this is where this name mirror processing comes from. The best of all is the process can be done repeatedly. Even when it has some scratches or small crack hit by something, after the process the marble would be as beautiful as new.



Ceramic with crack beauty products between the joints.

As you look carefully, the surface is uneven.



 Marble products mirror process ( after the process , the surface of the floor as flat and shinning as a mirror)

2.    Irregular Type Fabrication

Like we stated above, natural stone is a easily shaped and modeled materials. Fabricated with professional machines, natural stone can be cut into any size and shape as per designers’ request. While ceramic tiles, on the other hand, limited by that the color of the glaze and the clay is different, is not able to further cut into other size.


Ceramic tiles different color up and down



Marble Stair Steps


In this case, no matter you choose ceramic or marble for flooring, you have to use natural marble for stairs. Not saying others such as door frame , window sill and pillars, marble is no wonder the first choice. 


Different products made of Marble

Above all, due to the limitation of its own characteristics, ceramic is not able to be cut into different shape like marble.



Thirdly, In View Of Living Condition Harm


In the past years , due to some inappropriate propaganda and intended slander , people used to think that the free radiation of marble do harm for house livings. In fact , stone is the component of the earth we live on . Whats more, we use cold processing techniques during the mining and fabricating of the stone, without any chemical materials involved.


It was reported by the Consumers’ Ideas Of CCTV ,on Apr 25th 2016, that after a deep and long term test with modernized equipments, our researchers found that the radiation level of ceramic , glass , wood and stone materials in our construction materials market are all harmless to our health. To their surprise, among them , marble contains the least radiation. The test shows glass radiation level 0.3-0.4 , wood with 0.4-0.5, ceramic 0.3-0.5 , while only 0.01-0.02 for marble.



Forthly, In View Of Decoration Fashion Trends


What ?!My newly decorated home is out of date ?

From what we mentioned above , we know that marble is better than ceramic in many aspects, such as different size availability ,much more beautiful and longer lifetime .

However , we neglect the most important part .

That is , since ceramic is man made product, new products come out time to time . Sometimes you will find yourself in a embarrassed situation that the house decoration cost you lot of money and energy , at that time sure it is beautiful , while maybe after one or two years , you will find the ceramic you used are old fashion , and you might need to redecorate your house.



However , marble is natural products, one quarry for one kind of stones . Just like you can find two same leafs in the world, you cant find two same marble tiles in the world either. Even with hundreds of years past by, the stone remain what it was and become classic. As you can see , that most of the old architectures in European countries are built with stones. 


In a word, unlike man made product ceramic is easily went out of date, natural marble always leads the fashion trends.

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