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FAQ of Stone Products Installation

- May 25, 2017 -

FAQ of Stone Products Installation


Q: How many steps for stone installing ?

A: 1. Welding the steel main channel according to the drawings. Need to buried the board, quadrate pipe etc.

2.    Place the order to our factory based on the drawings

     3. Upon stone arrived, unload the products with liftfork .

     4. Before installing , you need to get some things ready , such as stone joint glue, AB glue , wrench, hand-cutting machine, stone pendant. While installing , use T-shape pendant for stone tiles in the middle. Grooving upper and bottom side of the stone tiles, in which you can insert the pendant. 4 pendants for each tiles.

5.    After installation, put joint glue in between two tiles. 


Q: Anything need to be paid attention during installing stones

A: 1. Prepare concrete and river sand for installing light color stones, and only concrete for dark color stones. Besides , you will need to prepare glues if you want to install the stone on the wooden base.

2. Install the threshold together with flooring tiles or before installing door frame. Countertop and vanity can be installed at last.



Q: Any limit on dry hang stone tiles?

A:For those used for interior dry hang stone tiles , the normal least thickness is 30mm, it depends on the size of the tiles , the material used and the steel channel structure and so on. The weight limit of the steel channel is based on the whole designs. When the thickness of the stone tiles is less than 25mm, it needs to adhere small stone strip on the back of the tiles to make sure the whole thickness no less than 30mm. Then you can make grooves on them for dry hang.


Q: Any tips on countertop installation?

A: Don’t use glues to install the countertop. Why ? Because each kind of glue has its lifetime, once expired, the countertop is easy to fell down and cause hurt. The solution is to use glue and pendant together. Using weather proof sealant to seal the gap between sink and countertop, in order to prevent the glue being wore off by water.



Q: What skill needed for an qualified installation worker ?

A: 1. Ability of reading drawings

2. Professional trained

3. Good experience


Q: How to make stair steps anti slip?

A: 1. Installing anti slip devices

2. Using rough finishing surface

3. Make anti slip groove on the surface .



Q: How many ways to install marble products?

A: 1. Dry Hanging

2. Wet veneer overlaying

3. Glue adhering



Q: What is the advantage of stone dry hang?

A: 1. Preventing the stone products from cracking and dropping off, dry hanging technique can enhance the safety and endurance of the stone products.

2. It can keep the stone products from color changing or blushing. Better keeping the natural beauty of the stone .

3. it also fasten the installation process in someway .



Q: What kind of material is waterproof and less easily be stained, and can be used  for bathroom and kitchen flooring?

A: Travertine is not recommended to be used in bathroom. To make the stone tiles anti water and stain, six sides sealant is needed. Normally use water sealant for granite ,and oil sealant for marble .



Q: What are the shortage of wet overlaying?

A: The wet overlaying technique is dated from the early 80s. At that time, this technique is used both interior and exterior decoration. However as time goes by, some of the defects of this technique become to immerge, including concrete grout chemical react with the stone precipitating calcium carbonate, which makes the material original color changed. In addition, change of temperature would even make it easy for wet overlying tiles get hollowed , cracked and even dropped off.



Q: How to control the color difference and color spots in using stone products?

A:1. Using the same lot of blocks mined from the same quarry .

2. Divide the color into different color group before cutting .

3. Cut the resemble color slabs for one single room or floor .

4. Pick out those tiles with defects

5. Dry layout based on the installation drawings

6. Installing the products according to the number when marked during the dry layout.




Q: How to deal with the water stains and contamination of the stone tiles ?

A:1. Dry drainage method

2.Airtight protection injection processing .

3. Using dark color stone for exterior décor.


Q: How to know if the pendant is strong enough to fasten the stone?

A:1.Strength Calculation

2.Load Test

3. Seal the surface after installation.



Q: When it comes to dry hang for round columns , is the column body need to designed as square shape or round shape?

A:It depends on how the stone be processed

1.Square columns would be easier for irregular designed stone .

2.Curved and board stone products need round designed column body .


Q: How many categories of natural stone tiles based on thickness ?

A:It can be divided into four kinds for natural stone board according to the thickness, regular size tile, thin tile , thick tile and super thin tiles

1. Regular size tile: thickness 20mm

2. Thin tile: 10-15mm thickness

3. Super thin tile: <8mm (suitable for those buildings which has a strict limit of weight)

4. Thick tile: >20mm (usually used for floor paving)



Q: How to define if stone product is glossy and clean after installation ?

A:1. No scratches on surface

2. No resude

3. Radom check the light reflection of the stone surface is good.


Q: White or light color stone is easily get stained or color changed after installation, how to solve this by design and protection?

A:1. Dry hang if possible

2. Use these kinds of stone on upward of buildings

3. Use thick tiles

4.Seal the stone before or after installing



Q: What is stone column?

A:Stone column refers is used for building decoration, which is made of granite or marble.

1.    Divided by Shape  : Roman column , Plum Column, Baluster, Carved Column, Multi-prismatic Column

2.    Divided by the shape of the column cross section: Similar diameter column . Pyramid column and drum-built column.



Q: Why it needs to lay out for stone tiles?

A:Natural stone has the defects of color difference, in this case, layout before installing is necessary for controlling the color difference and making it better for decoration. To arrange the dry layout of the stone products , you need to make a plan on the drawings first to decide which aspect will be your main basis. You can make layout plan for each room , wall , floor or building evaluation. During the process of layout , you can easily see the color changing ,pick out those tiles whose color not fit in ,or change their sequence to make the color difference goes smoothly .



Q: How to install stone when it used with window sills , glass , or metal wall cladding ?

A:Following the rule of hard first and then soft , that is to deal with stone products before others materials such as glass, window sills or metal. 

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