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Marble purchase

- Sep 02, 2016 -

1, check the supplied stone for natural stone, its material properties meet or better than natural granite (JB/T7974-2001)

2, quality testing requirements: dimension value or tolerance value ≤ ± 1mm, width and thickness 1mm, surface roughness value or tolerance value ≤ 0.5mm, diagonal value or tolerance value ≤ 0.5mm.

3, granite platform for appearance quality grade, bulk for blending and color, color, pattern, and uniform.

4, platform surface chipping, short corner, crack, pigmentation, color line, hollow skin defects.

5, whether painted six-sided stone protective coating on the surface of the platform to ensure waterproof, antipollution performance of the stone. 6, stone by stone quality monitoring center of the State about inspection, including physical, radiological, freezing and thawing, and is related to the inspection report.

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