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Stone origin and name.

- Sep 02, 2016 -

From the quality point of view, the gap between domestic and imported stone stone is not big, but the prices are much less. Largely imported stone is more varied, more decorative, meaning imported stone paving to look good. To eliminate this technology gap is not, Chinese manufacturers are working to close the gap. In terms of practicality, made stone can be said to have been by no means inferior to imported stone.

When buying, a lot of people will stay on marble and granite. At the time of purchase to pay attention to what issues? Thickness uniformly, four corners to be exact, trimmed to be neat, each at right angles to each other; surface should be smooth and bright light above 80 degrees, and do not have pits; pattern should be uniform, pattern is bright, no noise, chromatic aberration to be consistent with internal structure, no cracks; bearing thickness is not less than 9~10MM. Box purchase seen from the surface of the floor to note box cut is neat, the smoothness of the surface, pattern, color, and so on.

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