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Characteristics Of Granite And Colorful Paint Sealants:

Edit: Xiamen Realho Stone Co.,Ltd      Date:Sep 02, 2016

1, full of water: of waterborne technology completely unique parcel, nontoxic, substitute for increasingly scarce natural granite material, meet the country's energy saving and environmental protection progress requirements.

2, high quality: surface smooth supple, color each other, mimicking the natural granite in the color, even can reach the wonderful, is better than a natural effect.

3, granite paint sealants decorative effect and colorful exotic: color patterns are derived from natural granite, but is better than granite. Random shades of color, pattern size at will. Through modern color design and style combine to create a luxurious, deep natural stone decorative effect, but also through various joint, expand the design space and improve performance, fully embodies the individual.