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Granite Properties

Edit: Xiamen Realho Stone Co.,Ltd      Date:Sep 02, 2016

Granite is unique material, its physical characteristics as follows porosity/permeability: negligible physical penetration of the granite, at 0.2%-4% thermal stability: granite with high thermal stability, it will not change because of the changes in the outside temperature, granite, not because of its high density due to temperature changes and changes in the composition of the air. Granite has a strong corrosion resistance, so it is widely used in reserve ductility chemical corrosive substances: extension of the granite range 4.7x10-6-9.0x10-6 (inchxinch.) color: color of the granite and the hardness of the material is highly consistent: granite is the hardest of materials, but also because of its superior hardness and it is very good abrasion resistance. Ingredients: granite is mainly composed of quartz and orthoclase or microcline, and the original granite is composed of three parts: quartz biotite feldspar. By the color of the proportion of each component and material used, but generally the proportion of feldspar is biotite quartz 10%-60% 65%-90% 10%-15%