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Maintenance Of Granite:

Edit: Xiamen Realho Stone Co.,Ltd      Date:Sep 02, 2016

A, when you clean the surface with a soft cloth and detergent preferably neutral, non-abrasive. Better to use a mild dishwashing liquid and water.

B, some household cleaning agents can be used to clean the table but leave traces. Remember, the more exciting products more easily damaged surface curing agent. Warm water and a sponge is the best cleaning product.

Solution c, mix vinegar water can be a good way to remove stains, oil and so on.

D, avoiding contains citric acid, vinegar or other acidic products contact pure black granite countertops prone to acid corrosion.

E, occasional furniture Polish can be used to prevent smearing of granite and make the table look more beautiful.

F, high and low temperatures will not damage granite. Hot dishes directly on the granite countertop.

G, the counter if there are gaps, it is best to avoid high temperature of items into the gap. Crack epoxy resin under long term exposure to high temperatures will melt.