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G684 Black Basalt Stone Products Series

- Nov 15, 2017 -

About G684 Black Basalt


G684 basalt is a famous black material from China,it also named black pearl granite or Fuding Black.Most of clients prefer call it as G684 Granite, but we have to say it's a black basalt with micro holes on back.G684 is one of hot sales materials in stone markets,This stone is pure black color with some spotted black spots on surface,when we see it over 1m,then looks like pure black,when we see it in 1m,then can see black spots,but this is G684 granite characteristic,not defects.G684 granite as most famous black basalt stone in China, has great raising on produce quantity than before,some products export to foreign country and some used in domestic building project.

How Many differences surface treatments of G684 Basalt?

G684 Basalt stone is a perfect black stone , which can have many differences surface treatments to fit the projects requirements, with it's high hardness, it can intall outisde under very lower temperature.

The mostly adopted finishings come with flamed + brushed, chiselled, bushhammered and honed, especially the flamed + brushed finishing, it can with stand all weather conditions and is not easy to fade after installation at outside

G684 polished.jpg

G684 polished

G684 honed.jpg

G684 honed

G684 flamed.jpg

G684 flamed

G684 Bushhamered.jpg

 G684 Bushhamered

G684 leathered.jpg

G684 leathered

G684 Nautral Split.jpg

G684 Nautral Split

Above 6 difference surface treatments are most welcome finished which the clients choosed. And some sepcial treament also avaiable if the preojects requested. 

How many kinds of  products G684 can processed ?

As G684 material can not have large block, it just have small ones, so the big slabs sizes are not workable for G684 material. But it can have samll slabs, within 900mm width.  and large sizes of products cost higher and expensive. Normally. tiles, small slabs, stairs, cut-to-sizes tiles, countertops, vanity tops, paving stone, crazy pavers, kerbstones, cubestone .

G684 Natural Tumbled Stone Paver on Mesh-1.jpg

G684 Natural Tumbled Stone Paver on Mesh

684 Basalt Cobblestone.jpg

684 Basalt Cobblestone

G684 Balsat Crazy Paver.jpg

G684 Balsat Crazy Paver

G684 Basalt Tiles.jpg

G684 Basalt Tiles

G684 Basalt Stairs Tiles .jpg

G684 Basalt Stairs Tiles 

G684 Natural Split Wall Tiles.jpg

G684 Natural Split Wall Tiles

G684 Kitchentops/worktops.jpg

G684 Kitchentops/worktops

G684 Bathroom Vanity tops with 2 sinks.jpg

G684 Bathroom Vanity tops with 2 sinks

G684 Kerbstone.jpg

G684 Kerbstone

Now you may have general idea of G684 Basalt ,and you may  like this materials, if you need G684 in your home or projects, pls freely connect us now.

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