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The Method to Maintain Cobblestone Paver Driveways

- Dec 12, 2017 -

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The Method to Maintain Cobblestone Paver Driveways

What You'll Need

1. Standard garden nose 

2. Warm water 

3. Large broom 

4. Mild dish soap 

5. Stiff-bristled scrubbing brush 

6. Large bucket 

7. Stain remover for stones 

8. Stone sealer Paintbrush


A cobblestone paver driveway is not smooth. The stones are rounded at the tops and this is part of the charm. They not only provide a classical look to the home, but it can add value to it. Maintaining this type of driveway is not difficult to do, because the cobblestones are very sturdy and easy to deal with. The following content will show you how to properly maintain a cobblestone paver driveway.


Step 1 – Initial Cleaning

Make sure nothing is sitting on the driveway before you begin cleaning it. Once it is free of all objects, sweep it down with a broom. Remove any loose dust, dirt, gravel, leaves and twigs that may have found their way on it over the weeks since you last cleaned it. Once the debris is removed, hose it down. Allow the driveway to dry before continuing.


Step 2 – Mud and Dirt

A cobblestone paver driveway sees a lot of abuse, from cars driving on it, and people walking on it. This can track mud on to the cobblestones, which can dry and become hard. A simple sweeping and hosing down will not always remove this mud, so you need to scrub it. Pour soap in a bucket with warm water and scrub the driveway. Let the soap sit on in for several minutes, before hosing it off.


Step 3 – Stains

A cobblestone paver driveway will be susceptible to stains, primarily from oil, coolant and gasoline. Choose a cleaner that is safe for stones, and then simply follow the directions on the container. Each cleaner may be different, which makes following their instructions paramount to successfully removing stains.


Step 4 – Edges and Joints

Sand is used to seat the cobblestones, but is also used along the edges of the driveway. Once this sand erodes, the cobblestones along the edge of the driveway can become loose. Pour sand around the edges of the cobblestone paver driveway and then tamp it down. Add more sand as needed. You can also wet down the sand, to compact it further and increase its strength. If your cobblestone paver driveway has spaces between the pavers, then place the sand on top of the driveway and repeat the process.


Step 5 – Seal It

Sealing a cobblestone paver driveway is optional, because cobblestones wear naturally to a beautiful finish. Sealing them is mainly to protect them from being stained. Choose a sealer suitable for stone, and then apply it with a paintbrush in a thin layer. Use light brush strokes to prevent streaks. Wait for the sealer to dry for a day, and then apply a second coat to the cobblestone paver driveway.

G636 paving stone.jpg

G636 paving stone

G654 cube.jpg

G654 Cube Stone

G682 Yellow Granite Cobblestone.jpg

G682 Yellow Granite Cobblestone


G684 Cubic Stone

G685 Zhangbu Black Basalt Stone Block Paving Setts for Plaza Paving-2.jpg

G685 Zhangbu Black Basalt Stone Block Paving Setts for Plaza Paving

Rose Pink G648 Granite cobblestone cubes for Pathway-3.jpg

Rose Pink G648 Granite cobblestone cubes for Pathway

Small Natural Crystal Grey G603 Granite Brick Paver Stone-1.jpg

Small Natural Crystal Grey G603 Granite Brick Paver Stone

Red Porphyry Paving.jpg

Red Porphyry Paving

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