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What are the advantages of marble tile category

- May 18, 2018 -

Marble Tile Category Advantages
Decorative Effect Nowadays, ceramic tile has become a kind of "rigid demand" of home life. It radically changes people's quality of life and plays the role of "beautician" in modern life. and have "the real effect of marble, the superiority of the ceramic tile" marble tiles, its texture, color, texture, feel and visual effects of the full reach of natural marble lifelike effect, decorative effect is much better than natural stone, so widely favored by consumers.
As the founder and leader of marble tiles, Li Zhilin that the appearance of marble tiles from the "dead" to "live", giving the ceramic tile more spirituality, it not only fully embodies the luxury of natural marble decorative effect, but also abandoned the various defects of natural marble, has been recognized by the terminal market.
Physical properties Natural marble Although the appearance of aestheticism, but its existence of large chromatic aberration, many flaws, easy seepage infiltration, difficult to care, high prices and long supply cycle defects, often let consumers discouraged. The appearance of marble tiles properly solves the problem and provides a better choice for the vast majority of consumers who love marble. Marble tiles not only have natural marble lifelike texture, in the waterproof rate, flatness, flexural strength, such as physical performance is remarkable.
Green Environment Marble tiles have unique decorative effects and superior features of natural marble, also has the unique function of the ceramic tile, its appearance reduces the demand of the natural marble of the home decoration industry, becomes the bodyguard of the rare stone, caters to the national initiative to "the resource saves type, the environment is friendly" social development; Marble tiles to eliminate the choice of man-made marble will have radiation concerns, become a new generation of green environmental protection rookie. And the widespread use of clean production technology so that the production of marble tiles, processing, the use of the process of Low-carbon environmental protection, combined to effectively save natural resources.

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