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What’s the usges of granite curbstone?

- Jan 02, 2018 -


What’s the usges of granite curbstone? 

What is a Curbstone?


A Curbstone is defined in the dictionary as, ‘a long, narrow stone or concrete block, laid end to end with others to form a kerb.’ This may seem insignificant, but kerbs do a lot for you in terms of keeping you safe. Kerbs also have an important job of ensuring that rain water makes its way to a drain where it can be safely moved away from public areas. There would be many more puddles if it wasn’t for Kerbs.

Paving Stone in Garden 

What Kind of Curbstones Are Available to me?


Picking the correct kerb stone for the job is something that we are happy to help with here at George Lines. We understand that, although they may all look the same, each kerb has a purpose.


Civil Engineering,


Bullnose Kerbs – a bullnose kerb is the standard kerb used for roads in Britain. It has a long vertical edge, with a very small angle at the top edge.


Half Battered Kerbs – A half battered kerb is usually found on faster roads because of its 12 and a half to 15 degree angle. This is so that vehicles can drive closer to the kerb, without sustaining any damage.


Splay Kerbs – A splay is typically found with a 45 degree angle on it and is found on faster carriageways, the angle is so that, if a car were to get into any kind of trouble, the vehicle is able to leave the carriageway quickly and safely.

 Granite Tiles for Outdoor



50 x 150 Path Edging – Used to set the space between pavement and plant bedding. Can also be used as a decorative feature.

Conservation Edgings – Used for areas where homeowners would like a more attractive kerb than the British Standard.

Curved Radius Road Kerbs.jpg

Curved Radius Road Kerbs

Flamed Finished Panda Dark Curb.jpg

Flamed Finished Panda Dark Curb

G602 Granite Road Curbstone.jpg

G602 Granite Road Curbstone

Garden Mower Channel Edge Kerb.jpg

Garden Mower Channel Edge Kerb

Yellow Sandstone Sandstone Kerbs and Steps-1.jpg

Yellow Sandstone Sandstone Kerbs and Steps

Zhangpu Black Granite Kerb Stone.jpg

Zhangpu Black Granite Kerb Stone

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